Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Chaska

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Chaska

Tucked into the outskirts of the Twin Cities is the sweet suburban oasis of Chaska, Minnesota. Hailed for its homey atmosphere and welcoming community, residents are eager to connect, always finding time to get together and have a good time. Those who have come across Chaska slowly fall in love and ask themselves the question we all ask when spending time in a fabulous new town: “Should I move here?” Before you begin moving to Chaska, here are some things you might want to know about your potential new home.

Things about Chaska you might not know

Founded in 1852, Chaska’s name is a Dakota name often given to the firstborn male child.  The downtown area itself was once the entire town, with the existing neighborhoods seen today growing around it as the population and local culture continued to thrive. In 1857, with the work experience of German settlers and a wealth of natural clay, Chaska quickly became a local brick-making empire providing bricks for regional architecture and supplies for towns up and down the Minnesota River. Steamboats, barges, and later two railroads expanded operations for over 200 years, aiding in the construction of homes, businesses, churches, hospitals, schools, and city centers across Carver County and later the state. It would be an understatement to say that Chaska’s contributions helped build the state of Minnesota.

The lifestyle in Chaska

What about the practical side of living in Chaska? If you are planning to join the 27,000 residents in this charming pocket of Minnesota, you have so much in store!

On your Chaska real estate search, you will find elegant historic properties, including Queen Anne-style homes with beautiful features like expansive picture windows, scullery kitchens, wood-burning fireplaces, private libraries, and beautiful scenery. Many homes here feature multiple stories with vaulted ceilings and plenty of natural light. You can also find gorgeous horse properties with spacious pastures, paddock areas, hay storage areas, tack rooms, and more.

A consistent response from those who have lived in the area is the praise for its friendly environment. Chaska is a close-knit community of welcoming individuals who are eager to connect and foster a deep sense of belonging. As cliche as it may seem, those who visit the town are overwhelmed by the helpful nature of its residents.

In addition, Chaska residents have a breezy commute to all the exciting amenities of Minneapolis.

What is there to do in Chaska?

If you’re planning your move to Chaska, you can look forward to a warm and welcoming community with plenty to enjoy. Because of Chaska’s strong community focus, there is a full calendar of events to choose from, like trivia nights, holiday festivals, and summer concerts in the park, which have been a local favorite in the community. Musicians, bands, and solo artists in the area gather to play music for residents on summer evenings, eager to spend time together and relax. Don’t miss the food truck festivals, community runs, and more. Chaska River City Days are full of summer entertainment, fun, and great food.

The town also has an active shopping center, with local art galleries, cafes, and retail stores to engage residents as they walk through the historic downtown area. Speaking of history, the nonprofit Chaska Historical Society features a Historical Walking Tour showcasing the area's preserved architecture, including three of the surviving native burial mounds dating back nearly 1500 years.

Chaska is also known for its curling center, allowing visitors to be in the center of Minnesota’s favorite sport and have fun. It’s the best spot to watch an exciting curling game or take curling lessons.

Nature enthusiasts will be thrilled to explore the countless parks and hiking trails maintained by the Jonathan Association. The beautiful green spaces feature stunning backdrops of rolling hills and rivers. For your fuzzy pals, head to the off-leash area at Lions Park.

Chaska’s highly rated golf courses also occupy the attention of those who love a good game on one of the 18-hole courses found at Chaska Town Course and Hazeltine National Golf Club. Plus, those who want access to even more big-city delights can visit the Twin Cities, exploring Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Where do locals eat in Chaska?

Small-town charm is the universal vibe found throughout the community. Therefore, is it any surprise that most of the restaurants in the area are family-run businesses? Andy Mooney honed his baking skills for 20 years in some of the most respected establishments in Minnesota after graduating from the L' Art de la Patisserie program in 2007 through Chicago’s French Pastry School, thus preparing him to open Red Bench Bakery. Here, you’ll find amazing baked bread, coffee, and sandwiches.

In celebration of the German immigrants that shaped the community of Chaska, Schram House Brewery creates some of the most flavorful and dynamic craft beer in the region. Family-owned and operated, Willy McCoy’s Restaurant is a local gem dedicated to providing the freshest and most delicious food available through local ingredients. And, if you’re seeking fantastic pizza, don’t skip Cuzzy’s Brick House.

Chaska’s transportation options

In addition to a central railway, the city of Chaska is served by SouthWest Transit, a transit agency offering express bus transportation. Chaska, Chanhassen, and Eden Prairie chose to opt out of the Metropolitan Transit Commission system and instead create a system that worked for students, locals, and older adults who wanted the freedom of transportation without the cost and limitations of public systems. WeCAB is also available, providing even more flexibility and convenience.

Ready to move to Chaska?

There are numerous reasons why Chaska is an amazing place to live. If you are ready to call Chaska home, partner with the best through Chestnut Realty. Their exceptional attention to detail, keen investment knowledge, and tried-and-true expertise make them the ideal real estate team to find your future home. Get started today.

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